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Agape Christian Fellowship Pastoral Leadership

Pastor Michael Bryan Gantt, Lead Pastor

Pastor Bryan has literally grown up in Agape Christian Fellowship. His dad joined the Pastoral staff at Agape when Bryan was just 10 years old and he has been an integral part of the ministry as he has grown up in the church. Bryan served on the worship team as a young teen, developing his considerable musical talent before becoming the Worship Team Leader at just the age of 16. He is an accomplished instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and engineer. He has personally taught and developed much of the musical talent that serves the congregation now with our worship band.


Pastor Bryan came on staff as an associate pastor in 2007 and served primarily as our administrative Pastor, running the office, overseeing various aspects of the business of the church, and working with our finance officer.  In 2015 his father, Pastor Michael Gantt begin the transition into retirement from the pastoral ministry, and Pastor Bryan was given the responsibility of Lead Pastor. Even though his dad still teaches and helps with the preaching schedule, Pastor Bryan is now our shepherd and faithfully leads us into the next generation of ministry. He is a gifted teacher and expositor of the Word of God who always brings a fresh look at the scriptures. 

Pastor Bryan is married for more than twenty-five years to his wife, Rebecca Lynn and they have six children; Gabriel Michael, Hannah Lynn, Emalee Mariah, Maddisen Daneel, Gunnar Matthew, and Jackson Levi. They also currently caring for a foster child in their home as well. 



If you would like to contact Pastor Bryan you can reach him via email at:

Pastor Bryan on Social Media


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If you would like to contact Pastor Michael, you can do so via his email:

Pastor Michael Gantt has written numerous books which are available on Amazon or from his website bookstore at

If you would like to book Pastor Michael to preach at your church or speak at a conference, contact him at

or call (802)579-6681

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Pastor Michael K. Gantt, Pastor Emeritus

Pastor Michael Gantt has served on our pastoral staff for over 35 years.  He has now retired from the role of Lead Pastor, relinquishing those responsibilities to his oldest son, Michael Bryan. Pastor still preaches when called upon and in addition, leads a men’s mid-week Bible study and as he has for over 25 years teaches a weekly discipleship school at the church.  He is also the current head of our Mission Team.

In addition to assisting Pastor Bryan with pastoral duties, Pastor Michael maintains a weekly blog site ( and frequently travels nationally and internationally, speaking at conferences and various church-related events.  For several years now he has been a featured keynote speaker at several Christian writers conferences. 

Pastor Michael has been active in missions for many years, and engaged in leadership training and church planting. He has conducted many Pastors Training Conferences all over Africa and worked with numerous NGOs in leadership development. His work in Africa is chronicled in his book, MAKUTANO, Lives Intersecting to Write God's Story. This book along with others Pastor has written can be found here.


For more than fifteen years one of Pastor Michael’s primary activities has been in the strategic development of a school for the Deaf in the nation of Kenya in East Africa. The Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf has over 100 Deaf students in one of the poorest areas of Kenya and Pastor Michael has easily slipped into the role of “grandfather” to the children and strategist for the development of the school.  


Under the auspices of Agape Christian Fellowship, he created the Kenya Development Fund to assist in the development of a suitable campus for the Deaf students at Immanuel.  He travels frequently to Kenya and has been an energetic financier for the school traveling all over America to raise funds to finance the school.   


You can also follow Pastor Michael’s Blog at

Pastor Michael is married to Barbara, his wife of more than 53 years and together they have five children and 17 grandchildren.



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