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  • Welcome Home to Agape Christian Fellowship

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    “The purpose of Agape Christian Fellowship is to WIN, EQUIP, & SEND Committed Followers of Jesus Christ who will be able to share His Gospel from Brattleboro to the Ends of the Earth!”

    “A Small Town Church with a Heart Big Enough for the Whole World!”

    Going around the World for Jesus with ministry not only in the U.S. but in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Nova Scotia, India, Thailand, Kenya, Sudan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Southeast Asia

  • The Weight of His Glory

    As I have been preaching through the Book of Leviticus over the past few weeks, God has been so graciously revealing so much of Jesus and the wonderful atonement that is ours. Shadows of Grace – While so many seem to have dismissed the Pentateuch as simply antiquated books of Law and as such no longer… Read more

  • A Killing Root of Bitterness

    Be careful, for an embittered spirit is a plague like no other, and if you become infected with it, the life in you can be snuffed out by it. It is frightfully contagious and by it many are defiled. It is worse than any cancer, relentless in its destructive swath, wiping out friendships, annihilating …families,… Read more

  • Is There A Cross In Your Marriage?

    These brief paragraphs were taken from a little book I’m re-reading entitled “Well-Driven Nails” by Byron Forrest Yawn. It is an excellent book, written specifically for preachers. I downloaded it from Amazon for 9 bucks and it was money well spent. There is a wealth of rich material, but one passage really caught my heart… Read more

  • How Do We “See” God?

    There is a view of God that the church of this generation seems to have lost: the high, exalted, lofty, exclusive, unparalleled, unprecedented character of God.  Preferring the comfort of His nearness, we have forsaken the truth of His transcendent holiness.  We want to snuggle and wallow in cheap grace and shallow santification because we… Read more


    by Pastor Michael Gantt

    "Image Bearer"

    The Rise, Fall and Restoration
    of Biblical Manhood

    Restoring God's Original Design

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